Episode 52-2022 – The Manifestation

Grace Hour Broadcast
Grace Hour Broadcast
Episode 52-2022 - The Manifestation

For the month of December, we reflect on the advent season and continue to look at “The Announcement, The Expectation, The Exaltation, and The Manifestation” from the Book of Luke, chapters 1 and 2. In this final reflection for the Advent season, we look at the manifestation as we continue from Luke 2:1-20.

Luke recounts for us the story of the birth of Jesus. He is clearly telling us that Jesus’ birth was a real, historical event. “Ceaser Agustus had given a command for all the world to be taxed, and as a result, everyone went to their own town to be taxed”. Because of the providence of God, we too can say that our steps are ordered by God.

Jesus was born in a manger as there was no room for them in the Inn. Even as an adult Christ said, “… The Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head“. The author, William Barkley, stated that the only place there was room for Him was on a cross. Have you any room for Jesus this Advent season? Today you are receiving the good news of the Kingdom of God, and today you can receive salvation through Jesus Christ.

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