Episode 50-2022 – The Expectation of Israel

Grace Hour Broadcast
Grace Hour Broadcast
Episode 50-2022 - The Expectation of Israel

For the month of December, we reflect on the advent season and continue to look at “The Announcement, The Expectation, The Exaltation, and The Manifestation” from the Book of Luke, chapters 1 and 2. Today we look at Luke 1:26-33 and examine three main points, Mary’s fear, Mary’s favour, and Mary’s faith.

The Bible tells us that in the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, the angel visited a virgin who was pledged to be married to Joseph. God sent His servant, Gabriel, with a message. Gabriel came to announce the birth of the Son of God. This was the child that all of Israel waited in expectation for, the promised Messiah. Like Mary, will you trust God? Will you say “Behold, the handmaiden of the Lord”?

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